Equipos Sumergibles

Equipos Sumergibles

Bombas eléctricas sumergibles lineales

The following construction represents specially adopted reciprocating electric submersible pump with a drive from the electric linear motor. Triol Linear electric submersible pump represents the complex solution for production in margin wells:

  • Linear motor that ensures wide range of supply regulation.
  • Deep submersible pump that ensures high energy and technology indicators with minimal weight and dimensions.
  • Variable speed drive provides the optimal control algorithms and considerable energy savings.

Triol Linear electric submersible pump is an innovative product that combines the advantages of the traditional oil production methods.

  • Complete solution for marginal wells.
  • Production up from 0 to 25 m3/day (157 barrel/day), pressure from 600 to 2500 m.
  • High efficiency.
  • Effective work in marginal wells and wells with viscous oil.
  • Faultless operation in deviated, horizontal and curved trunk wells.
  • Increased reliability due to the minimal number of moving parts.
  • Occupies smaller area at the wellhead.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Integrated hydraulic compensator and downhole sensor.
  • A large range of operating modes, individual approach to the mode selection based on oil well parameters to ensure optimum efficiency.